$5 million commitment to construct new Chung Wah Community Centre

Posted on December 13, 2020
  • $5 million contribution will fund purchase of land and construction of centre in south metropolitan region

A re-elected McGowan Labor Government will contribute $5 million to construct a new Community Centre for Western Australia’s Chinese Australian community.

The Chung Wah Association are undertaking plans to construct a new community centre in the electorate of Riverton. The community centre would be used for a range of activities including as an aged care day service, language classes, dance studio, multicultural festival venue, seminars, and education.

The $5 million in funding will cover $1.8 million for the land, and $3.2 million for the construction of the two storey building. The construction will be a boon for local jobs.

At 110 years old, Chung Wah is one of WA’s oldest ethnic associations. There are more than 100,000 West Australians of Chinese descent.

Comments from WA Labor Premier Mark McGowan:

“This fantastic project will create local jobs during construction, and will be an excellent facility for use by the community, once complete.

“The West Australian Chinese community has contributed so much to this state. This work ethic and endeavour is at the core of so many successful small businesses in WA, which thanks to our controlled interstate border and COVID-19 response have been able to stay open and flourish.

“Here in WA, we will be able to reopen our economy faster than anywhere in the world. This new project is just one of many all over the state that the government is supporting, all designed to help us bounce back from the pandemic stronger than ever.”

Comments from Dr Jags Krishnan, WA Labor Candidate for Riverton:

“Riverton is one of the most culturally diverse electorates in Western Australia, so it is the right place for Chung Wah to build its new centre.

“Mark McGowan has always had WA’s back, no matter what community you are from. He has been a tremendous supporter of the Western Australian Chinese community over the years.

“This sort of project is only possible because Mark McGowan has kept WA safe and strong.

“He put our health first, and did everything he could to keep WA safe.

“I look forward to seeing a re-elected McGowan Labor Government fund this project, I look forward to the local jobs its construction creates.

“And I look forward to opening the centre in the coming future!”