McGowan Labor Government to triple support payment for grandparent carers

Posted on January 9, 2021
  • $6 million investment in grandcarer support, creating a threefold rise in payments
  • First time support has been increased since its introduction in 2013
  • Average grandfamily will benefit from the $2,000 payment, a significant increase from $650

In a first, a re-elected McGowan Labor Government will triple the cash payment for the average grandfamily.

Grandcarers have full time primary responsibility for the care of their grandchildren through an informal arrangement.

Currently the payment is structured in a way where there is a ‘first child’ and ‘additional child’ payment.

Under the new proposed scheme, grandcarer, or kinship carer, payments will transition to an annual, means-tested payment as an equal $1,000 payment for each child. 

This represents a significant increase as the one-off payment for the first child is currently only $400.

The average grandfamily currently receives $650 annually for the children in their care, and under a re-elected McGowan Labor Government, this would increase to $2,000 for the average two children per grandfamily.

Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:

“Many grandparents don’t expect a family crisis that leaves them to raise their grandchildren.

“Often it comes unexpected and due to varying circumstances grandparents are subsequently told by authorities their grandchildren are in need of care, and we hear from grandcarers themselves that financial support is the leading challenge in fulfilling that role.

“A re-elected WA Labor Government, led by me, will provide additional support to about 1,183 grandcarers currently approved for these payments in WA.

“We will triple this payment to ensure that grandcarers have financial support and can better support themselves and their grandkids.”

What the McGowan Labor Government is already delivering:

  • One-off payments of $500 or more to help ease household financial pressures experienced through the COVID-19 pandemic. Part of the $3.7 million WA Recovery Plan initiative to support carers.
  • $1.05 million per annum to provide the current grandcarers payment model. This represents an annual $400 cash payment for a grandchild in the grandparent’s care, and $250 for each additional child. Funding is intended to assist with costs such as school equipment and uniforms.
  • Funding support of almost $600,000 per annum to Wanslea Family Services Ltd to deliver a suite of programs and services to grandcarers, including in home support, mentoring and peer networking and tutoring for children.