New Greenwood Station multi-storey carpark in train under WA Labor

Posted on January 19, 2021
  • Up to 700 new car bays for busy northern suburbs train station
  • Project to create 120 local jobs and get underway in 2022
  • Another METRONET project to be delivered by a re-elected McGowan Labor Government

A re-elected McGowan Labor Government will build a new $38 million METRONET Greenwood Station multi-storey carpark, adding up to 700 bays and creating up to 120 jobs.

The carpark currently has about 900 park and ride bays, 10 ACROD bays, 22 motorcycle bays and 13 ‘kiss and ride’ bays.

There are about 2,000 boardings at Greenwood Station every weekday and as a result of the growing northern suburbs and increased patronage in recent years the station has insufficient car bays to meet demand.

The new carpark is expected to have four levels including the ground level structure, and add an extra 600 to 700 bays, taking the total number of bays available up to around 1,600, an additional 10 kiss and ride bays, and increase the ACROD parking space.

If re-elected, work on the new carpark is expected to start in 2022 and is anticipated to be open in 2024.

The two side platform station opened in 2005 and services the Kingsley, Padbury, Marangaroo, Greenwood, Duncraig and surrounding communities. The station carpark has a lockable bike shelter offering more alternatives for people to get to and from the train.  

Under a re-elected McGowan Labor Government train and bus fares will also be slashed for many in the outer suburbs, making it more affordable for commuters who will pay no more than a two zone fare.

Located in the northern suburbs on the 17.8 km Joondalup Line, Greenwood Station is nestled between Warwick Station and Whitfords Station, and takes 17 minutes to travel to Perth Underground Station.

This multi-storey carpark will be the third to be built as part of METRONET with Mandurah and High Wycombe currently under construction.

Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:

“The Greenwood Station has outgrown its parking capacity and if my Government is re-elected, we’ll be building a multi-storey carpark and increasing parking by up to 77 per cent.

“Member for Kingsley Jessica Stojkovski has been a strong advocate for a parking solution to make Greenwood station more accessible for her constituents whose journeys don’t permit them to use the feeder bus services.

“My WA Labor Government has a track record of delivering key transport infrastructure for our growing northern corridor – be it widening Mitchell Freeway, upgrading roads, constructing cycling paths and building METRONET projects to connect our suburbs, ease congestion and create a pipeline of work for Western Australians.

“I’m on the road everyday so I know how critical it is to have affordable transport alternatives that cut traffic time and ease congestion.

“This means more people are getting home to their families sooner and fewer are stuck in traffic.”

Comments attributed to Kingsley MLA Jessica Stojkovski:

“The community has longed for a solution to avoid the needless circling of a full carpark in the mornings as part of their daily commute at Greenwood Station.

“It can be frustrating for those catching the trains and for those that live close-by and find cars lining their streets for the entire day.

“This is a much-needed project and I’m pleased the McGowan Government has listened to the community and will deliver this major infrastructure if it’s re-elected, and I’m proud to have advocated for this project during my first term in the McGowan Labor team.”

Comments attributed to Hillarys Candidate Caitlin Collins:

“Building a multi-storey carpark will dramatically expand the parking availability and will be welcomed by the community.

“Greenwood Station services a big portion of the local community – not only those travelling into Perth each day but people who come into the area for school and work and alight at Greenwood Station.

“As a key piece of transport infrastructure in the Hillarys electorate I welcome this significant investment by a re-elected McGowan Government as it will improve people’s travel options, making it easier for everyone.”

What the McGowan Labor Government is already delivering:

  • ●       Constructing a Principal Shared Path in Padbury, which will create a link for pedestrians and cyclists to the Greenwood Train Station.
  • $21 million Principal Shared Path extension of Civic Place to Erindale Road to complete the missing link, as part of the McGowan Government’s $220 million comprehensive cycling package.
  • Extended the Greenwood Station platform to increase the shelter and coverage for passengers.
  • Installed additional CCTV cameras and better lighting to improve passenger safety. 
  • Undertaking the biggest public transport infrastructure with nine major METRONET projects underway providing more local work opportunities.