WA Labor to extend opening hours at key suburban police stations

Posted on January 19, 2021
  • Police station opening hours extended in Gosnells, Rockingham and Warwick
  • Opening hours to be extended from 4pm to 7pm
  • Delivering a more accessible police service to the community

Police station opening hours at Gosnells, Rockingham and Warwick will be extended under a re-elected McGowan Labor Government, significantly improving the community’s access to police.

Currently Gosnells, Rockingham and Warwick Police Stations close their doors to the public at 4pm. Under WA Labor’s plan, the three stations will remain open until 7pm on weekdays.

Extending the opening hours will provide more options to people who need to access the police station after work, something the original 8am-4pm opening hours simply doesn’t allow for.

Only a McGowan Labor Government is committed to ensuring residents of these rapidly growing communities experience the same level of service as people in the inner city area.

This will now mean that there are 24/7 or extended hour stations in 16 key locations across the metropolitan area.

The McGowan Government has invested significantly in community safety during its term in office.  $156.5 million has been spent upgrading and refurbishing police stations and infrastructure across the state, to ensure our hardworking police have modern and fit for purpose facilities and equipment.

The Government built and opened a new police station at Capel in the South West and the new

$85.8 million Armadale Courthouse and Police Complex is due for completion this year.

Planning has already begun on the new $52.6 million Fremantle Police Complex.

Mark McGowan and the WA Labor Government is delivering 1100 extra police officers – the single biggest increase to police numbers in the state’s history.

It has also announced an additional $5 million to extend Operation Heat Shield, a major boost to WA Police to crack down on crime and antisocial behaviour over the summer months and keep Western Australians safe.

Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:

“A re-elected WA Labor Government will build on its record of investing in local policing to keep our community safe.

“We understand that for some people it is difficult to visit a police station between 8am and 4pm.

“By extending the opening hours at Rockingham, Gosnells and Warwick, local residents will have

more access to the police services they require. This will complement our unprecedented investment in police numbers, the biggest in the State’s history.

“It will enhance community safety and ensure the community has greater in-person access to police


“We have a proven track record on responding to the community’s needs when it comes to local policing.

When the people of Armadale, Cockburn and Ellenbrook requested it, we ensured police stations in those communities were made 24/7.

“We will continue to ensure our police have the resources they need to tackle crime in Perth’s suburbs and across regional WA.”