Free flow of traffic as WA Labor commits to duplicate Mandurah Estuary Bridge

Posted on February 11, 2021
  • New Mandurah Estuary Bridge to be built under a re-elected McGowan Labor Government
  • The new bridge will fix congestion in the region and traffic build up at the current bridge crossing
  • New Mandurah Estuary Bridge expected to create a pipeline of work and more than 500 jobs
  • Only a re-elected McGowan Labor Government has a track record in delivering for the Peel region

A re-elected McGowan Labor Government will build a second Mandurah Estuary Bridge to get the community home safer and sooner, better connecting the Peel region.

This will provide an additional two lanes for traffic and support the current bridge, which is used as the primary connection to the southern area of Mandurah.

The duplication of the bridge, along Mandurah Road, will be built for two lanes with the capacity to go three lanes, complementing the existing bridge, and improving cycling and pedestrian access.

At a structure of 12-metres wide and up to 400-metres in length the new bridge is estimated to cost $110 million, which includes the construction works, works to tie-in the approaches onto and off the bridge and associated road works.

To ease traffic congestion and provide a better crossing, the new bridge will be built alongside the current bridge creating more than 500 local jobs and adding to the pipeline of infrastructure work, supporting WA businesses and local workers.

Under a re-elected McGowan Labor Government, the $55 million upfront allocation, over the forward estimates, will be committed and secured. The State Government will seek to partner with the Federal Government to jointly fund the project, each contributing 50 per cent of the total costs.

While the majority of regional road infrastructure projects currently underway in Western Australia –  including the Albany Ring Road, the Bunbury Outer Ring Road and the Regional Road Safety Program – are funded on an 80-20 basis, the Commonwealth will only be asked to provide 50 per cent of the cost for the New Mandurah Estuary Bridge.

Currently the Mandurah Estuary Bridge connects Halls Head to Mandurah and during morning peak traffic is congested at the merge point where traffic approaches the bridge going north towards Perth. 

The bridge was originally constructed as a two-lane bridge with 2.5 metre wide shoulders and later converted to three lanes which provided for two southbound lanes but only one northbound presenting a significant chokepoint.

The duplication of the bridge is expected to save commuters at least three minutes during peak periods where northbound traffic is queued up to 500 metres waiting to merge onto the bridge for the 300-metre crossing.

Works are expected to commence in 2023, with the upfront funding from a re-elected McGowan Labor Government allowing for a full business case for the project to be progressed.

Predictions show traffic will worsen over the next 10-15 years and without a solution, the morning northbound congestion will only continue to compound creating extensive disruption if not fixed. 

In 2017-18 there were about 27,800 vehicles per day recorded using the Mandurah Estuary Bridge and prior to the upgrade of the old Mandurah Traffic Bridge the daily volumes were in excess of 34,300 vehicles.

Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:

“Our strong WA Labor Peel team has been out in the suburbs listening to community feedback, and the Estuary Bridge has been a hot topic.

“The current bridge doesn’t allow for any widening and that’s why we will build an additional bridge to accommodate for the increased traffic for this crossing which is a primary connection between Mandurah and its southern areas.

“If we are re-elected, the Peel community will benefit from this significant infrastructure project to duplicate the Mandurah Estuary Bridge, cutting people’s time on the road and getting them to work and home swiftly and safely.

“I know how frustrating this bridge can be for the locals, so I’m glad we can deliver this solution if we are re-elected.

“That is why we’ll get onto this straight away by allocating our fair share of funding for this project, and partner with the Commonwealth to deliver this important regional infrastructure, which will create hundreds of jobs and help boost the Peel economy.”