McGowan Labor team submit election costings to independent Treasury

Posted on February 12, 2021
  • WA Labor election costings submitted for independent analysis by WA Treasury
  • 263 election commitments announced so far to be costed by WA Treasury
  • McGowan Labor team to submit commitments weekly to ensure transparency
  • WA Labor again call on Zak Kirkup’s Liberals and the Nationals to detail their costing process

Treasurer Ben Wyatt is calling on Zak Kirkup’s WA Liberals and the Nationals to provide their election commitments for independent Treasury analysis or detail what their costing process is, with the McGowan Labor team today submitting its election commitments to the Under Treasurer.

Independent Treasury analysis is available, following the release of the Pre-election Financial Projections Statement (PFPS), to all major political parties for election commitments publicly announced. The PFPS was released on Monday.

WA Labor will submit election commitments weekly to the Under Treasurer as more announcements are made throughout the campaign.

The submission for independent Treasury analysis today included 263 announced election commitments.

WA Labor has included in the submissions the impact of the commitments to 2024-25, beyond the forward estimates impact, to improve transparency.

The Under Treasurer’s costing advice will be made available within three working days and will be publicly available online. All costings will show the impact of the commitments on the key financial aggregates outlined in the PFPS over the forward estimates.

Zak Kirkup’s WA Liberals and the Nationals have yet to commit to the same level of transparency and accountability by submitting their election commitments for independent costing or detail what costing process they will follow.

Costing requests must be lodged by 5pm Friday, 5 March 2021. Treasury will not cost late requests.

Comments attributed to Treasurer Ben Wyatt:

“The McGowan Labor team is committed to the transparency of our election commitments and will make weekly submissions to the Under Treasurer for independent costings.

“We are going above and beyond to ensure our submissions are as transparent as possible, including providing the impact of the commitments beyond the forward estimates to 2024-25.

“On the other hand, we have Zak Kirkup and the Liberal Party who will say and do anything to win, but have no plan to pay for it – proving once again they are not ready for government.

“I’ve been startled by the number and size of the commitments by both the WA Liberals and Nationals and concerned by the fact they don’t seem to understand the cost of particular commitments and therefore their impact on the finances of the state.

“This is why it is imperative that Zak Kirkup, the WA Liberals and the Nationals submit their commitments for independent Treasury costing immediately or at least detail a proper independent process.

“Western Australians have not forgotten the financial mess the former Liberal National Government left behind in 2017.

“Under Mark McGowan’s leadership, WA Labor has fixed this mess and at the same time supported Western Australians through the pandemic and WA’s economic recovery.

“Zak Kirkup and the WA Liberals have no experience and are a risk to WA’s future.”