McGowan Labor Government’s WA Jobs Plan to secure WA’s future

Posted on February 21, 2021
  • New plan to secure WA’s future and continue our State’s strong recovery
  • Target of 125,000 new local jobs by 2025-26 – building on 63,000 jobs already created
  • Focus on WA manufacturing, creating jobs in regional WA, reducing interstate FIFO, training, and diversifying the State’s economy
  • Follows McGowan Labor Government’s proven record of job creation and economic diversification

Premier Mark McGowan has unveiled the WA Jobs Plan, a re-elected McGowan Labor Government’s plan to create 125,000 new jobs by 2025-26 and continue its proven record of diversifying the economy and creating jobs for Western Australians.

Over the past four years, the McGowan Labor Government has prioritised local jobs, following years of neglect by the previous Liberal-National Government, which had no plan to diversify WA’s economy and presided over record unemployment.

Prior to COVID-19, 77,800 jobs had been created since the election of the McGowan Labor Government and the unemployment rate had fallen to 5.2 per cent, the lowest rate in almost five years.

Despite the major economic shock caused by the pandemic, Western Australia has the strongest performing economy in the nation, and the strongest projected economic growth of all the States.

WA’s unemployment rate is currently 6.2 per cent, and nearly all jobs lost during the COVID-19 pandemic have now been recovered.

In 2017, WA Labor’s Plan for Jobs included a target of 50,000 new jobs. The McGowan Labor Government surpassed that commitment, proving WA Labor’s jobs policies are achievable and deliverable.

Western Australia’s strong performance under the McGowan Labor Government has been underpinned by the WA Jobs Act, which prioritises local companies and workers to deliver State Government infrastructure and services. 

The WA Jobs Plan will build on that record to create an additional 125,000 jobs in industries including tourism, manufacturing, green jobs, agriculture, aquaculture, the film industry and new and emerging technologies.

It focuses on preferencing Western Australians for WA jobs, WA manufacturing and creates jobs in regional WA. It also aims to reduce interstate FIFO, create more training at TAFE and in schools,  and continues to diversify the State’s economy.

A WA Jobs Taskforce to be chaired by the Premier, will be established to assist in implementing the Jobs Plan. The Taskforce will also ensure compliance with local content and job commitments entered into as part of our contractual arrangements for project delivery on Government work. 

The Taskforce will consist of government, industry and unions from across the State to ensure no opportunity is missed in creating jobs for Western Australians. It will:

  • identify local job creation opportunities in manufacturing in both new and existing industries;
  • map skill gaps in existing industries that result in the use of an interstate FIFO workforce;
  • work with local industries and businesses to identify job creation opportunities in regional communities throughout WA; and
  • identify training requirements to increase the supply of a local skilled workforce to match these employment growth areas.

To view the WA Jobs Plan and the full list of job-creating initiatives, visit

Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:

“When we make a commitment, we stick with it and deliver for Western Australia.

“That’s exactly what we did with our Plan for Jobs when we came to Government, and now we’re ready to embark on our next plan.

“A plan that is reasonable, achievable and affordable – a plan that will create 125,000 local jobs.

“Our plan will secure WA’s future and keep WA strong.

“Over the past four years, my government made WA jobs our number one priority and we have a proven record of ensuring local jobs are front and centre in everything we do.

“We promised 50,000 jobs before the last election, and delivered 63,200 despite the pandemic.

“We did that by implementing a clear plan to diversify the State’s economy into industries like tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, green jobs and Defence work, while ensuring the resources sector remains strong. And our plan is working.

“Despite the major economic shock caused by COVID-19, our economy has roared back to life and confidence has returned.

“But we won’t stop there. We know there is more work to do, and the WA Jobs Plan will build on the achievements of the past four years to continue to create secure, long-term jobs for Western Australians.

“Western Australians know that when we talk about creating jobs, we mean it. We follow through on our commitments and when we make a promise, we deliver it.

“I will never stop fighting for WA jobs. That is my commitment to the people of Western Australia.”