Additional 31 McGowan Labor commitments submitted for independent Treasury costing analysis

Posted on February 26, 2021
  • WA Labor submit more election costings for independent analysis by WA Treasury
  • Additional 31 election commitments to now be costed by WA Treasury
  • Adds to the 441 affordable, achievable and reasonable WA Labor election promises already costed by Treasury
  • Zak Kirkup’s Liberals and the Nationals continue to hide their costings

The McGowan Labor team has submitted another 31 election commitments to Treasury for independent costings, while Zak Kirkup’s Liberals and the Nationals refuse to reveal the cost of their election pledges – even with voting now underway.

WA Labor has already had 441 election commitments independently audited by Treasury.

To date the Under Treasurer has found WA Labor’s promises to be affordable, achievable and reliable, costing $1.8 billion over the forward estimates.

The Liberals and the Nationals continue to hide the true cost of their election commitments, with Zak Kirkup’s Liberals ruling out submitting their election commitments for independent Treasury costings and refusing to say who they would use as an alternative auditing agency.

Independent Treasury analysis is available, following the release of the Pre-election Financial Projections Statement (PFPS), to all major political parties for election commitments publicly announced. The PFPS was released on 8 February 2021.

The Under Treasurer’s costing advice will be made available within three working days and will be publicly available online. All costings will show the impact of the commitments on the key financial aggregates outlined in the PFPS over the forward estimates.

WA Labor will submit election commitments weekly and include the impact of the commitments to 2024-25, beyond the required forward estimates impact, to improve transparency.

Costing requests must be lodged by 5pm Friday, 5 March 2021.

Comments attributed to Treasurer Ben Wyatt:

“Western Australians are already voting in record numbers, yet Zak Kirkup’s Liberals and the Nationals continue to hide the real cost of their election pledges.

“Zak Kirkup’s desperate political tactics don’t absolve him of responsibility to be open and transparent with the Western Australian public.

“Zak Kirkup and Mia Davies are desperate to avoid scrutiny because they know their own costings cannot be trusted.

“Independent Treasury costing of WA Labor’s commitments confirmed that our promises are reliable, affordable and achievable.

“Mark McGowan and WA Labor will continue to provide our election commitments to Treasury for independent costing every week, as part of our commitment to full transparency.

“Zak Kirkup’s Liberals and the Nationals are a risk and can’t be trusted.”