WA Labor to unlock opportunity with $50 million industrial land investment

Posted on March 11, 2021
  • A re-elected McGowan Labor Government will provide services to industrial land to incentivise development in strategic industries
  • Long-term jobs the focus by making land for industry more affordable
  • Flexibility to reduce land use charges or fund infrastructure and services for projects of strategic importance to WA

A re-elected McGowan Labor Government will remove barriers to industrial development for strategic industries and incentivise construction, creating long-term jobs and economic development.

The $50 million Industrial Land Development Fund will enable the State to consider reduced lease rates in projects deemed to be of strategic importance to WA, making it more affordable for industrial businesses to set up in our state. The Government will retain the discretion to charge variable rates for leasehold while having flexibility on which projects it is applied to.

The Fund will be available for developing land that is project-ready around the State, including several in regional Western Australia such as Nambeelup, Gap Ridge and Kununurra. Funds would be available to deal with issues such as power and water services, road infrastructure and environmental approvals for land within Industrial Land Authority estates.

The commitment builds on the McGowan Labor Government’s record in establishing the Industrial Lands Authority, which has seen nearly 400ha of land unlocked for future development in its first two years of operation.

The unlocking of land at Forrestdale Business Park West (100ha), Meridian Park, Neerabup (93ha), Peel Business Park, Nambeelup (120ha) and Orion Industrial Park at Latitude 32 (80ha) is expected to deliver significant benefits to WA, including $1.2 billion in investment by industry during construction, $3.3 billion in annual output for the State once fully operational, 4553 construction jobs and 9,910 ongoing jobs once businesses are fully operational.

The ILA operates across the State and serves as the commercial bridge between the private sector and the State Government, delivering strategically located land to support industry, unlock future development options and remove barriers to private development.

Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:

“The WA Labor Government wants to attract new industries to Western Australia to create long term jobs.

“The $50 million Industrial Land Development Fund will make funding available to ‘project-ready’ land and establishing projects on industrial land authority land to help with issues like building roads, installing power and water services and environmental approvals.

“The WA Labor Government understands the importance of providing industrial land that is ready to use, and how this improves our international competitiveness.

“We will also remove the barriers to industrial development by incentivising construction on industrial land. This is all part of our plan to create jobs and keep Western Australia strong.

“This all builds on our record in establishing the Industrial Lands Authority, which attracts industry and creates regional jobs.

“Western Australia needs to be competitive to attract the industries that will provide long term jobs. Making land for industry more affordable to create jobs makes sense.”